What is industrial marking

The business depends intensely on markings on their hardware, be that serial number plates, information plates or distinguishing proof checking of different therapeutic and mechanical devices. A long way from the sum total of what gear has been set apart in the generation stage, which is the reason the requirement for mechanical etchers, affect printers and UV printers is developing to help the business' requirement for lasting checking. With over 30 years of involvement in making great machines, Roland has the gear you require.

Marking Products is devoted to furnishing temperate evaluating with unmatched client administration to the metal stamping industry. We convey a wide assortment of stamps, retainers, information plates, and checking machines. We can for the most part quote you same day on exceptionally engraved and industry standard stamps. In the event that a surge conveyance is required, we will do whatever conceivable to meet your unique needs. Simply email or fax us your print with size, material and amount required.

Check out the below which is explaining about the Industrial marking simply easy with the MARKING system.

What are the services provided by Industrial marking services?

Industrial Marking Services (IMS) offers a variety of different nameplates for a wide range of applications. It is a company specialized in all aspects of industrial engraving; the specialist services include manufacturing front and control panels that is mechanically driven of stainless steel and laser engraving.

Nameplates identify a company or a product name. There are various fields like medical, aerospace, military, manufacturing and telecommunication which have nameplates for inventory and identification purposes.
But the properties of a nameplate may vary from application to application based on material, graphics, thickness, screen printing, and adhesive backing. All industries that require long-term product identification or marking use nameplates.

IMS offers the variety of products and services like

• Panels/ Chassis
• Graphic overlays
• Badges
• ID plates
• Property tags
• Labels
• Laminating
• Serialization

Industrial Marking Services can create custom nameplates and it has been helping companies to create brilliant, vivid images that are mainly designed to meet both form and function.

Graphic overlays

Graphics overlays are printed using a reversed image on the back side of a clear plastic sheet. It can be produced mostly on polycarbonate and polyester but occasionally uses transparent vinyl.
IMS uses a screen printing process where it is normally back printed so the ink is viewed through the transparent material. LED and LCD windows are the most commonly created graphics overlays by leaving selected areas unprinted.

Control panel

Industrial Marking Services have the ability to print your panels on most materials. It can be printed on plastic, metal, glass, fiber and any other substrates. The ink systems can be applied to the medical, aerospace, military for permanent adhesion to your products.


The plastic signs are a lightweight and cost-effective solution which can be easily mounted due to its versatility. It is highly flexible and is commonly used in many industries for advertising the business. Each material has different benefits and if you look for a long-lasting signage or aluminum, laminated, magnetic signage is also available.


Lamination is for security purpose as it can protect and preserve everything from ID cards to restaurant menus. It can be widely used for protecting the product from rain, grease, chemicals, wrinkles, abrasion and protects from the sun. it is available in gloss, matte, or satin finishes that give your material a finished professional quality. Also, it offers a durable way to protect and enhance any type of printed material by enhancing color and contrast.


Serialized labels can be printed on a variety of substances like polycarbonate, vinyl, anodized aluminum, and polyester. The aluminum and polycarbonate serialized labels are highly waterproof.

The Industrial Marking Services can help you choose that the meets the requirements of your company. There are different methods of printing like screen printing, thermal transfer printing, digital printing, and hot stamp printing.

Final Words

The Industrial Marking Service enhances the overall operations of commercial, industrial, healthcare, educational, and technology facilities. It also offers industry-best quality and extremely fast fulfillment. It meets the individual needs of specific markets and provides a great service






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